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Madden 15 Season 5

CNFL Draft Sunday 8pm est

CNFL Madden 15 Champions:
S1 J Schaff
S2 King Mizzark
S3 SconnieNation7
S4 K Matt D


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Post  ldmariodl28 on Thu Dec 22, 2011 7:52 pm

Gamertag: Jyoung117

How would you rate your skill: competitive

How many leagues are you currently in: 1 permanent, trying 2 others hoping to be a good fit

What is your avail time to play: any time

Are you a seasonal player, or do you play year round: year round

Are you pro-active in scheduling games, or do you usually wait for people to come to you: pro-active

If you were to be invited to the league, would you be an active member on our message board: yes, more so in the chat than posts to be honest unless there is something to respond to in the forums

Do you have a general understanding on how a Salary Cap works (MADDEN ONLY): yes been in a league that uses a cap system since 09

Why should you be considered to be part of the our leagues: sim player, been in the same sim league since ncaa09/madden 10 , if you want to see my team stats or n e thing the league is,

Where did you hear about our league: xfl forums

We play on All Madden... Are you comfortable with that:: yeah

Lou Is A 2 Faced Ho - NGC7 3/10/11

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[19:49:05] jshot99 : makes me want to punt my xbox then piss on the madden disc
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