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Diztants Application

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Diztants Application Empty Diztants Application

Post  diztant on Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:22 pm

Gamertag: Diztant
How would I rate my skill: 6 out of 10
Leagues currently in: 3
Schedule: My schedule changes all the time for the better. Im avail. some mornings but usually late night. I also get days off during the week and weekends from time to time.
Seasonal or year around: year around
I will be active on the scheduling board and text
Do you understand salary: Yes
Why should you be considered to be in the league: I was in as many as 5 leagues at one time and was up to date on all my games. I always make every effort to communicate with my opponent to schedule games. I enjoy the game, the competition and I rarely if at all complain about anything. Win or lose, having fun playing the game you love is whats most important. The only thing I dislike are quitters. They ruin games and leagues. I've been a loyal madden player since John Madden Football 1990 on Sega Genesis and I don't plan to stop playing now.
Heard from the league: emmittzone99
I will play on all madden


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