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ninremix Application

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ninremix Application

Post  ninREMIX on Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:56 am

How would you rate your skill:
- 5/10

How many leagues are you currently in:
- 1 (West360 a facebook league (still playing Madden 13) geared toward West coast players that advances twice a week)

What is your avail time to play:
- Sept: I will be avail 10am - 2am PST

Are you a seasonal player, or do you play year round:
- Year Round

Are you pro-active in scheduling games, or do you usually wait for people to come to you:
- I go back and forth between the two depending situaitons in my personal life

If you were to be invited to the league, would you be an active member on our message board:
I am still in Top 10 posters even with 2 different user names (ninremix and remix) ... Football, Fantasy Football, and Madden tends to take over my life once I start. I put it off a bit while I finish up this job working noon - mightnight (Ends in Aug.)

Do you have a general understanding on how a Salary Cap works (MADDEN ONLY):

Why should you be considered to be part of the our leagues:
I have been part of the CNFL for the past 4 years, just a little late to the party this year.

Where did you hear about our league:
origingally from Cosmo in one of our NWO games in madden 10

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