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The Block (Raiders)

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The Block (Raiders)

Post  blix on Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:03 pm

Overalls are subject to system... posting what i have for them.
QB Tyler Wilson 72ovr *rookie qb with decent skills*
WR Jacoby Ford 78ovr 26yrs 98spd
WR Josh Cribbs 83ovr 30yrs 90spd (return master) *currently hurt 2weeks*
RB R. Jennings 72ovr
LT Alex Barron 79ovr
RT Khalif Barnes 79ovr
RE Lamaar Houston 74ovr (probubly a better 34 DE)
CB Tracy Porter 77ovr *currently hurt 5weeks*
CB C. Chekwa 74ovr 94spd
FS Usama Young 73ovr 90spd
PICKS *any and all can go*

43 passrushing DEs both LE and RE
TE upgrade
WR upgrade
back up running back
43 ROLB upgrade
LG upgrade

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