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Madden 15 Season 5

CNFL Draft Sunday 8pm est

CNFL Madden 15 Champions:
S1 J Schaff
S2 King Mizzark
S3 SconnieNation7
S4 K Matt D


look for a top 10 first rd pick....

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look for a top 10 first rd pick.... Empty look for a top 10 first rd pick....

Post  Guest on Fri Sep 13, 2013 4:03 pm

I want a top 10, 1st rd pick... I'm willing to trade for the pick this season by deadline(week 7) or we can wait til the off season. Below are the players i'm moving... please reply if ur serious!!!.... take any 2 players listed below for a your top 10 pick....

WR- Rueben Randle: 80 ovr, 90 speed, 83 catch, 86 Catch in Traffic
RT- David Diehl: 81 ovr, 86 Run Block, 87 strength,
CB- Corey Webster: 87 ovr, 80 man coverage, 85 zone, 90 press
RE- Mathias Kiwanuka 80 ovr, 83 Finesse Moves, 80 Block shedding, 86 Pursuit


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