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Post  jimi238 on Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:49 am

How would you rate your skill: Below average

How many leagues are you currently in: None. This would be the only lg I play in.

What is your avail time to play: After 10pm est most nights (once kids are asleep). I can sometimes play during the day as I work at home 3 days a week (for now), but it's somewhat unpredictable.

Are you a seasonal player, or do you play year round: Year round if the league is still active & going strong.

Are you pro-active in scheduling games, or do you usually wait for people to come to you: I don't have the flexibility to wait around anymore, so I usually will text my opponent to get a day/time locked in.

If you were to be invited to the league, would you be an active member on our message board: Yes. I won't be the top poster or anything, but I'm on the boards quite often and enjoy trade talks. I'd also like to join Fantasy Football league this season if spots are open and would also like to participate in 'Poker Night' if the league still does it.

Do you have a general understanding on how a Salary Cap works (MADDEN ONLY): Yes

Why should you be considered to be part of our league: I play fair, enjoy the board/chat activity that goes on, and am quite familiar and/or know many of the people in the league already. I also hope to join the Fantasy league and join in on poker nights.

Where did you hear about our league: I used to play in Fans, so I've known about it for a few years.

We play on All Madden... Are you comfortable with that:: Yes


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