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Pellow's Application

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Pellow's Application Empty Pellow's Application

Post  Guest on Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:26 pm

Gamertag: iPELLOWSKI - I may be changing it to Pell0w.

How would you rate your skill: 9 out of 10. I'm not the best, but I can compete with the better players.

How many leagues are you currently in: 1. Just joined. Looking for an active community that runs franchises with organization and order.

What is your avail time to play: Any time.

Are you a seasonal player, or do you play year round: I play year round, however I need a reason to get on. I haven't been in a franchise in a while, so I didn't have a reason to continuously play. However I would play alot more if I was in a good franchise.

Are you pro-active in scheduling games, or do you usually wait for people to come to you: I like to plan ahead. It makes it easier for everyone.

If you were to be invited to the league, would you be an active member on our message board: Yes, I like to communicate with the people throughout the league and enjoy more than just the in game experience.

Do you have a general understanding on how a Salary Cap works (MADDEN ONLY): Very good understanding.

Why should you be considered to be part of the our leagues: I provide a fun and dedicated voice in any league. I have a unique play style, which leads to several good match-ups. I also enjoy communicating and making a league experience more fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Where did you hear about our league: I searched for Private Leagues on Madden 15. From there I narrowed it to leagues with only 25+ members. Then I contacted the league creator and he told me to apply for the waitlist.

We play on All Madden... Are you comfortable with that: Yes I am. Just makes things more exciting in game.


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