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Madden 15 Season 5

CNFL Draft Sunday 8pm est

CNFL Madden 15 Champions:
S1 J Schaff
S2 King Mizzark
S3 SconnieNation7
S4 K Matt D



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CNFL Application

If you are intrested in being a future member of the CNFL, please create a post with your application.

Please note by filling out this application you are letting us know that you have some intrerest in the league. Filling out this application does not guarantee you a future spot in the league, nor does it put you ahead of a person who may have filled it out after you. We choose each new member of the league when a spot opens up based on different criteria.

Please note if you are not known from any other owner you may be asked to play a game vs a player in our league.

Thank you for your time, and good luck.
Copy n Paste the below app under membership Application. Owners that leave contact information helps out greatly for scheduling games


How would you rate your skill: good

How many leagues are you currently in: none

What is your avail time to play: after oons/evenings est

Are you a seasonal player, or do you play year round: year round

Are you pro-active in scheduling games, or do you usually wait for people to come to you: sure

If you were to be invited to the league, would you be an active member on our message board: i dont really trade.

Do you have a general understanding on how a Salary Cap works (MADDEN ONLY): i do my best

Why should you be considered to be part of the our leagues: im that damn good

Where did you hear about our league:emmittzone

We play on All Madden... Are you comfortable with that::ya


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