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Madden 15 Untradable Rule

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Madden 15 Untradable Rule Empty Madden 15 Untradable Rule

Post  CNFL Legend on Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:50 pm


Its that time off the year 4 the great debate over who is a teams untradables

In the pass untradables were determined by player ovr and or importance to there team

On many occasions the untradables would cause conflict between the admins and the membership

With all the lessons learn throughout the years I suggest we usher in a new untradables format

Under this format there wont be any player that cant be traded

This new system puts the balance of the league on the 7 man trade committee

Trades will be submitted the same as always on the boards

The formula of: Trade Committee votes are 1 pt and Admins votes r 1.5 will continue also

The difference is this

Any player listed in the EA Top 5 at there position:

If a player is listed in the EA top 5 at there position is listed in a trade that trade must be approved by every member of the trade committee which would mean it needs 8.5 pts to pass

Players list as a Franchised Player:
There will also be a list of 2 Franchise Players for every team
Any player listed as a franchise player that is listed in a trade that trade would need 5 pts to pass

Non Franchise or Top 5 Players
A trade where no players are not on either list only requires 3.5 pts to pass.

Please remember no votes on trades count against your total
Example: 2 admins vote yes on a deal (3pts) and a trade committee person votes no(1pt) the trade total
is 2. This trade is in need of more votes to be approved  

I know this can take some getting use to but this system I think is fair to every owner allowing them the flexibility to try to improve there team by having the option to use all there resources.

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