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Jets Release

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Jets Release Empty Jets Release

Post  diztant on Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:53 pm

Jets Release:

1. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (only has low 80s THP)
2. HB Steven Ridley (I have 3 power hb's, one had to go)
3. TE Wes Saxton (to slow for what i will need him for)
4. C Wesley Johnson (saw someone a little better in FA)
5. DT T.J. Barnes (decent player but im chancing someone else)
6. Lolb Calvin Pace (to old now and to slow)
7. mlb Erin Henderson (doesn't fit my scheme)
8. cb Darrin Walls (saw someone w/ more potential in FA)
9. fs jaiquawn jarrett (tough to let go but im taking a chance on someone else)
10. K Nick Folk (only has 88 KP)

Most were back-ups and frees up some of my salary cap.

Jets pick up:

1. QB Mcleod Bethel-Thompson (being compliant w/ 3 qb rule. just better then fitz)
2. HB Trey Williams (needed more speed at hb , he is pretty cheap too.)
3. WR Jerome Simpson (98 Jump on this game? Go Get it)
4. TE C.J. Uzomah (A star may be born)
5. C Kristjan Sokoli (Im going to try and groom him. My current ctr getting old)
6. DT Darius Kilgo (young guy may have some potential)
7. lolb Marquis Spruill (just needed to get younger feet to replace calvin pace)
8. cb Ron Brooks (He may come in handy if revis and cromartie don't resign)
9. fs Colin Jones (He has some potential)
10. K Dustin Hopkins (93 Kick Power is better then the 88 KP i had on old kicker)

Saved a couple dollars, hopefully it pays off in the future as these young bucks develop.


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