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Bengals Trade Block

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Bengals Trade Block Empty Bengals Trade Block

Post  xC0M3 GET S0M3x on Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:34 am

TE J. Gresham 83ovr 83speed, 82 CIT, 81RLS

ROLB Burfict 88 ovr, 91 Tkl, 84 PMV, 88 BS 95Hit Power 84 ZN

CB Leon Hall 88ovr, 90AWR, 85man,91press,91zone

Taylor Mays 73ovr, 93 speed, 86 hit power

Draft Picks

Looking for:

Stud MLB with speed
O Line
3rd Wr
Draft picks

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xC0M3 GET S0M3x

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