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Madden 15 Team Franchise Players List Season 1

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Madden 15 Team Franchise Players List Season 1 Empty Madden 15 Team Franchise Players List Season 1

Post  Beg yo Pardon on Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:07 pm


NFC North
Packers: Rodgers (T5) Sitton (T5), Kuhn (T5) Jordy Nelson (FP) Clay Matthews (FP) Clinton-Dix (R)
Vikings: Peterson (T5), Felton (T5) Patterson (FP) Munnerlyn (FP), Barr (R) Bridgewater (R)
Bears: Forte (T5), Marshall (T5) Jeffrey(FP) T.Jennings (FP) Fuller(R)
Lions CJJ (T5), Suh (T5) Stafford (FP) Ansah (FP) Ebron (R)

AFC North
Bengals:  Green (T5), Atkins(T5), Dalton (FP), Burfict (FP) Dennard(R)
Browns: Joe Thomas (T5), Haden(T5), Gordon (FP), Whitner (FP) Manziel (R) Gilbert (R)
Ravens: Flacco (FP),Webb(FP) Mosley (R)
Steelers: Polamalu (T5), A.Brown (FP), Timmons(FP), Shazier (R)

NFC East
Cowboys: Dez (T5),Witten (T5), Romo(FP), S.Lee(FP) Martin (R)
Giants: Cruz (FP) JPP(FP) Beckham (R)
Eagles:McCoy (T5), Evan Mathis (T5) Foles (FP) Cole (FP) Marcus Smith (R)
Redskins:Trent Williams (T5), RG3 (FP), Desean Jackson (FP)

AFC East
Jets:Wilkerson (T5) Geno (FP) Richardson (FP) Pryor (R)
Patriots: Brady (T5), Gronk (T5), Mayo (T5), Revis (T5), McCourty(T5) D. Easley (R) Ninkovich (FP) Edleman (FP)
Bills:K.Williams (T5) Gilmore (FP) EJ (FP) Watkins (R)
Dolphins:Wake (T5), Jones (T5) Tannehill (FP) Grimes (FP) James(R)

NFC South
Panthers: Olsen (T5), Tolbert (T5), L. Kuechly (T5) Johnson (FP) Lotueleli  (FP) Benjamin(R)--Cam & Hardy in contract year
Bucs: Mccoy (T5), David (T5) Martin (FP) Johnson (FP) Evans(R)
Saints: Brees(T5),Graham (T5), C.Jordan (T5), Byrd (T5) Colston (FP) Vaccaro(FP) Cook (R)
Falcons: Matty Ice (FP) Julio (FP) Matthews (R)

AFC South
Jags: Shorts(FP) Blackmon(FP) Bortles (R)
Colts:Mathis (T5), Vontae (T5) Luck (FP) TY Hilton (FP)
Titans:Casey (T5) Mccourty (FP) Wright (FP) Lewan(R)
Texans: Johnson (T5), Watt (T5) Cushing (FP) Foster (FP) Clowney(R)

NFC West:
Rams:Quinn (T5) Jenkins (FP) Austin (FP) Donald(R) Robinson (R)
49ers: Davis (T5). Staley (T5), A.Smith (T5), Bowman (T5), Willis(T5) Kapernick(FP) Reid (FP) Ward (R)
Seahawks: Russell (T5), Lynch (T5), SHerman (T5), ET(T5), Chancellor (T5) Harvin (FP) Bennett (FP)
Cardinals:Campbell (T5), Peterson (T5) Fitz(FP) Mathieu (FP) Bucannon (R)

AFC West
Raiders:Reese (T5), Woodson(T5) Carr (FP) Branch (FP) Mack(R)
Chargers: Weddle (T5) Rivers (FP) Allen (FP) Verrett (R)
Chiefs: Charles (T5), A. Sherman (T5), Houston (T5), Johnson (T5), Berry (T5) Poe (FP) Bowe (FP) Ford (R)
Broncos: Manning (T5), Miller (T5), Ward (T5) D Thomas(FP) Ward (FP) Roby (R)

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