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Madden 17 Season 1 Pre Season Free Agent Draft Order/Season 1 Untradbles

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Madden 17 Season 1 Pre Season Free Agent Draft Order/Season 1 Untradbles

Post  Beg yo Pardon on Fri Aug 05, 2016 5:31 pm

Teams 79 and below will only have 2 untradables
Teams 80 and above will have 3 untradables

Browns- Haden, Gordon
Bears-White, McPhee
49ers-Bowman, Reid
Jets-Wilkerson, Pryor
Dolphins-Jones Landry

Jags-Robinson Bortles
Colts-Luck, TY,
Rams_Donald, Gurley,
Bucs-Winston, Evans
Redskins-Norman, Reed,

Saints-Cooks, Jordan, Vacarro
Eagles-Kendricks, Cox, Jenkins
Giants-Odell, Jenkins, Vernon
Lions-Slay Ansah, Stafford
Texans-Hopkins, Osiweiler, Watt

Chargers-Allen, Perriman, Verrett
Vikings-Smith, Barr, Teddy
Falcons-Julio, Trufant, Beasley
Bills-Watkins McCoy, Dareus
Titans-Mariota, DGB, Casey

Broncos-Miller Harris Thomas
Ravens-Mosely, Perriman, Smith
Raiders-Carr, Mack, Cooper
Bengals-Aj Green, Eifert, Atkins
Cowboys- Dez, Jones, Lawerence

Cardinals- PP, Mathieu, Bucannon
Steelers-Brown, Shazier, Green
Seahawks- Thomas, Sherman, Wilson
Chiefs- Poe, Houston, Peters
Packers- Cobb, Daniels, HaHa

Panthers-Cam Kuechley, Benjamin
Patriots- Gronk, Collins Butler

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